All-In-One PC Performance & Security

Operating System:
Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000
Version: 6.01
Downloads: 2,949,933
Release Date: 1/1/2013


PC Plex brings together high quality tools in one comprehensive program. This advanced software makes it easy to fix, clean and optimize your computer. PC Plex gets things running right again by finding and removing malware in active processes, cleaning your Windows registry, defragmenting the disk and getting rid of cached information that slows down your PC.

Installation Instructions

  1. Click here to begin utility download
  2. Click “Run” (“Save As” if using Firefox)
  3. Click “Run” Again
  4. Follow on-screen directions for installation

Optimize Speed & Performance

PC Plex monitors processes and boosts performance by managing Startup items, cleaning the Windows registry and defragging your PC.

Clean Up Junk Files

Get rid of what you don’t need! Remove duplicate documents, temporary files, Internet browser cache and history, as well as browser add-ons.

Increased Security

Keep yourself and your computer safe! PC Plex removes malware running in active processes and cleans your Internet privacy files.

Access to Great Tools

With PC Plex, it is easy to manage restore points, schedule scans and defragging, and adjust Windows settings.

Download Now!

PC Plex provides you with the information and power to make your computer a peak performer. With its advanced features you can optimize your system and tweak how your resources are used. For example, the Startup Manager prunes the number of programs that launch when you turn on your computer. When these unnecessary programs are trying to run when things are just getting started, they steal resources that could be best used elsewhere and cause slow startup times.

This is just one reason why PC Plex is the ultimate computer optimization tool. The program solves dozens of common problems and gives you the tools and information to optimize and fine-tune as much as you need. Don’t put up with a slow computer, and don’t worry about figuring out countless computer tools. With PC Plex, you’ve got a solution for every problem, all in one.

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